rocket science
from the North.

We are senior digital natives. Our mission is to help our customers grow in a fully digitalised future. Whatever that will take.

About Us

We help companies transform and achieve future targets through simple strategic advice and transformation guidance. The heart of our services is built on actionable Growth Maps and offering Dynamic Execution, as a service.

Growth is a continuous and organic process that is achieved when the right people do the right things at the right time. This is also the formula for happiness in a digitalised operating environment.

Happy People do better business.

How to plan
for Growth?

Design your growth strategy using a simple GrowthMap

Transform by working on identified Must Win Battles

Execute and Optimize against clear and measurable goals with right and Happy People. Optimize all the time.

How Nørr3
supports you?

Growth strategy With tailored Growth Modules and GrowthMap.

Happy people Tools & training.
 Setup of new processes, tools and teams.

Growth as a service Tailored to your needs.

Strategic transformation

Based on years of experience working with hundreds of customers across industries, we have developed robust experience and unique insights into building growth. Experience that we now are happy to share with you.

Our strategy services are agile and can be executed through out just a few workshops. The outcomes of our Growth Strategy services is always tangible and actionable Growth Maps that include the most important focus areas, the biggest opportunities for growth and a clear roadmap for how to move onwards.

See typical problems and our solutions
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Typical problems we can solve:

  • Our products are the best kept secrets in the world
  • We have what we need, but we do not know how to execute
  • Our people and stakeholders work in silos and our purpose and visio is not clear
  • We have limited budgets and resources but need to work on growth


Happy people are more effective and creative. And the other way around. Looking ahead at a complex, constantly changing and fully digitalised future, it becomes extremely important to focus on clarity of tasks and roles. The right people need to work on the right things at the right times. It is as simple as that. Our team is specialised on training, coaching and guiding your organization to meet your growth objectives and to keep your team working at it’s fullest effect.

If needed, we are also Happy(!) to lease a team for you and provide everything as a service.

See typical problems and our solutions
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Typical problems we can solve:

  • We need lean working models
  • We don't have clearly defined tasks and roles
  • We don't have enough knowledge about relevant marketing technology
  • We want to strengthen our in-house digital competencies
  • Our team is lacking senior digital skills
  • We need to understand what to outsource and what to insource
  • We need basic digital marketing and sales training

as a Service

We work with digital marketing and sales from a business perspective. Our approach is based on end-to-end strategic services, in which media plans and channel tactics are tactical outcomes, not strategies. We believe in customer-centric decision making, audience management and customer life cycle optimization and we continuously challenge ourselves and our customers to understand the customer of tomorrow better.

See typical problems and our solutions
More information from Anni Honkaniemi

Typical problems we can solve:

  • We are expecting fierce competition from both new and existing actors and need to protect our growth potential.
  • We are facing uncontrolled churn
  • We don't know how to capitalize on our customer data and our current advertising is not generating leads or sales
  • Our marketing and advertising is run manually and has no level of automation, which we know is costing us sales and leads
  • We produce great content, but it is not getting any views and it is not contributing to sales at all
  • We need to execute a new launch, using scarce resources and smart digital tactics
  • We need resources to implement and run our digital marketing activities
  • Our digital visibility needs to be improved, fast


We are Happy to challenge agency conventions and invite any company or individual to join us in working on new holistic solutions for our/your customers.

We are well aware that the services we provide are most often part of a longer line of activities that involve multiple actors. We truly want to fight for better synergies and co-operation to be able to serve our customers better and to create better things.

We are a group of digital business professionals who are passionate about taking your business to the next level.