Get visitors, get value

SEM (search engine marketing) is a powerful tool aimed at getting more traffic to your website by increasing its search ranking. SEM, which is often confused with SEA (search engine advertising), pushes traffic to your site with paid advertising like Google Ads. Both are crucial if you want to get people to your site and get them converted.

Our approach to optimizing your existing SEM activities starts with setting clear goals and finding the most optimal cost per conversion. SEM and SEA are generally “always-on” marketing activities managed by an external consultant or agency handling several accounts at the same time. We’ll optimize your media spend by continuously A/B testing and merging your SEM and SEO activities to make sure you get the best possible overall search experience and – most importantly – results.

Typical assessments

“We’re not sure that we’re reaching our full potential in SEM.”

“Our company isn’t visible in paid search results with the most important keywords.”

“We’re lagging behind our competitors in paid search results.”

“We’d like to challenge our paid search engine activities.”

Our simplified way to tackle the challenge

  • SEM / SEA campaign setup
  • SEM / SEA campaign optimization

Results from our latest work

We’ve created and set up countless campaigns in as little as a week. In many cases, we’ve been able to double click-through rates within two months and grow conversion rates by 200%.

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