Media planning & buying

It’s all in the planning

Our senior media planners have a deep expertise in media planning and buying for all media types, including OOH, DOOH, radio, TV, digital – on owned, bought and earned channels. We believe that successful marketing execution and media buying requires a holistic view of strategy, media mix and planning for all channels. We crunch the numbers and carefully plan the best media channels by working closely with your creative agency in order to ensure a seamless campaign flow that gets results. We also look at the results and further optimize campaigns if needed.

Typical assessments

“We have different agencies planning our campaign execution and the plan is scattered – can you help?”

“We have different agencies buying our media and the target groups overlap and we’re not utilizing full audience potential – can you help?”

“We’re unsure about our current media mix and how to improve it.”

“We don’t have a clear plan for always-on activities and how to create a seamless flow between them and campaigns.”

“We don´t know how to utilize our existing data for campaigns.”

“We need to attribute our media mix in order to improve results – what can we do?”

Our simplified way to tackle the challenge

  • Holistic media planning
  • Audience planning
  • Media buying for all channels
  • Campaign setups
  • Campaign optimizing
  • Always-on media planning
  • Always-on campaign setups
  • Attribution of media mix

Getting results – fast

We created and launched the Edenred Lounari brand with a very successful campaign, doubling Edenred’s top-of-mind position among B2B leaders in just six weeks. 

In just three months we also created and executed a go-to-market and growth plan for one of our other customers that was aimed at capturing a significant share of a 1 billion euro business.