Loyalty concepts

Taking customer loyalty to new heights

New customer acquisition is important, but retaining existing customers is equally, if not even more, important. But only if they’re profitable. In addition to creating up-sales opportunities, loyalty programs are a great way to reduce churn.

We know from experience that loyalty concepts and assets like targeted emails and exclusive customer magazines work, which is why we see them as a key component of all marketing. Our concepts are creative and innovative, but they’re also based on data and personalization, which means they’re easy to continuously test, analyze and refine. Anyhow it all starts from the concept.

Typical assessments

“We already know what our current customers are interested in but our sales are still declining.”

“We’re losing the majority of our newly acquired customers.”

“How can we improve customer retention on our webpages and eCommerce site?”

“We want something more than just a three-email nurturing program.”

“We need to differentiate from the competition with an  innovative and profitable loyalty concept, any ideas?”

A simple way to tackle complex challenges

  • Loyalty concept creations through workshops, interviews and data studies
  • Effective data-driven loyalty program planning with use-case prioritization
  • Growth hacking team to build and optimize loyalty concepts
  • Integration of loyalty concept into other parts of the journey
  • Integration of loyalty concept, leads and sales into sales organization processes

Results from our latest work

We have created dozens of loyalty programs for various companies  to decreased churn, create loyalty and increase sales.

We’ve also created numerous interest-based nurturing programs that capitalized on cross-sell opportunities, and concepted a loyalty program aimed at segmenting customer data based on actions.

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