Search audits

Seeing the big picture

Search audits typically start in response to a channel-specific challenge. We think a company’s service offering and existing demand should be met through a more holistic approach. Whether the main sales touchpoint is an app, website or phone, we always identify the potential by looking at three main streams: organic search engine visibility, app store visibility, and paid search engine visibility.

Looking at the potential as a whole lets us prioritize against business targets and identify “low hanging fruits”. This holistic approach is particularly important for highly competitive offerings like retail, real estate, banking and other consumer-focused business areas.

Typical assessments

“Our search engine advertising budget is extremely high and we’re unsure of the business impact.”

“User acquisition for our app relies solely on paid activities.”

“Our website isn’t visible in search results for our most important keywords.”

“We do content marketing from a social media perspective, how can we drive more traffic to our own touchpoints?”

“Should we even be focusing on SEO – is there demand for our offering?”

“We’d like to challenge our search optimization initiatives.”

Our simplified way to tackle the challenge

  • SEO audits
  • SEM audits
  • ASO audits
  • Potentiality calculations

Getting results – fast

We have doubled the ROI on display advertising for a heath company in just three months.

We got  a new transportation service into the top positions in critical search results within two months of starting the project.

We’ve also helped multiple customers win 10 must-win keywords in search results within a month, generated 100% more leads from organic traffic, and gotten robust lead generation results with tactical concepts.

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