Efficiency audits

Getting sales back on track

Reinventing the wheel isn’t easy. Especially when the wheel kind of works and no one really has any ideas about how to make it work even better. If this sounds familiar, you might want to think about a second opinion.

We’ll analyze your activities in media buying, search, web, marketing and converting leads to sales – and other important areas. We’ll quickly crunch your current numbers and identify your processes and how effectively you’re using your tools. But we don’t just analyze, we also provide concrete recommendations on how and what  to improve. Or we can simply fix the problem for you with our execution services.

Typical assessments

“Could you analyze our current media buying and marketing activities and give recommendations about how to optimize them?”

“How should we change our marketing way-of-working in order to be more relevant and optimize our results?”

“What would be the most optimal martech-ecosystem for us?”

“What tasks should be done internally and where we should use partners and how?”

“We don’t have visibility to our marketing-sales efficiency – what should we do to get it?”

Our simplified way to tackle the challenge

  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Going through plans of future and reviewing historical activities, reports and results
  • Analyzing current activities, tools and way-of-working
  • Building up scenarios together with key stakeholders how the process could work
  • Calculating effectiveness, optimal media, marketing and work expenditure and outcomes
  • Reporting about past, future and transition

Getting results – fast

We’ve built lots of successful campaigns with customers and trained staff step-by-step on new ways of working. We analyze all media buying, marketing activities and reporting areas and respond by designing a simplified real-time platform that makes it clear and easy to know what tasks need doing and when. 

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