Commercial Rocket Science from the North.

In short

We strongly believe in optimized combination of brand + strategy + execution together with great communication between different stakeholders to bring great results faster.

We rely on results through most experienced talent working together with us towards same goals – sharing same values.

We want to be the most wanted partner for our customers and partners to bring growth.

NØRR3 is part of the Kallan & Co Group.


Our goal is to help your business sell more, spend less and grow.

In a constantly-moving digital world, we want to help brands and marketing teams make the right choices, work more efficiently and get more – and happier – customers.

To do that, we use an optimized combination of brand, strategy and execution to get results – fast. We also help teams and people to get on the same page and work together to achieve their shared goals.

We want our customers to see us as the go-to partner for creating value, a clear path forward, and growth.

Way of working

We believe in holistic co-operation that goes way beyond traditional one-agency boundaries.

Creating end-to-end customer funnels and beating the competition takes talented people with the ability to master every step along the journey. Very few brands are able to manage this in-house and no agency on the planet is able to provide everything companies need to succeed. 

We work with ambitious brands and teams to help them meet and exceed targets, create leads, convert new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones, and to do whatever it takes to create amazing customer experiences and get results. 

Our customers know us for our growth strategies, but they also love us for our  ability to create powerful tactical concepts and execute spot-on marketing and sales activities.

If your goal is to get better results faster, we already have a lot in common. Now, let’s do this.

Core values

Accountability. Appreciation. Happiness.

We believe in carrying responsibility in everything we do. With senior talent comes confidence, and with confidence accountability is a must. We value each other and truly appreciate the personal and professional skills that each of us possess. We’ve built our culture on equality, transparency and honesty to allow us to be happy as individuals and do amazing work as a group.

Our ideal position to answer our mission and values