By measuring, we ensure the effectiveness of the campaigns and concept and their impact on the brand.

Material testing

Measuring the effectiveness of materials is an important part of ensuring overall media effectiveness. We experiment with the effect of different backgrounds, key messages and targeting options.


With the help of dashboards, you measure and visualize the cost versus impact ratio of your marketing efforts and monitor it in real time. 

Romi measuring

By defining and measuring all marketing investments and the development of sales, we also get to measure the true marketing return on investments, or ROMI.

Brand tracking

We carry out demanding brand awareness research quickly and with top quality. We measure and analyze the essential metrics of our own and competitors’ brands, such as Top-Of-Mind, consideration, purchase and loyalty.

Campaign measurement

In addition to brand awareness research, you can also carry out campaign measurements through us.

Concept testing

Testing the concept before a big launch is a good way to ensure that the creative works and that the message is delivered.