360 Media

We plan, build, buy, operate, optimize and measure optimal 360 Mediaplan to reach the target audience and set targets.


90% of search engine traffic comes through SEO, but search engine advertising, or SEM, is crucial for many businesses.

Online video

With online video, you can effectively reach younger viewers in addition to traditional TV. 


Radio reaches almost all Finns. Reach locally or nationwide.


TV reaches the target group 35+ years best, while the younger ones watch online video from TV digital channels, streaming services, YouTube, etc.


Reach almost all Finns nationally with ~20 provincial newspapers, 100+ local newspapers or dozens of periodicals – or in a targeted manner from a certain area.


OOH advertising is typically executed as at least a 2-week campaign at bus stops, metro stations, lampposts, etc. DOOH is more versatile, can be purchased in more precisely desired locations (e.g. near offices) or even according to the time of day, the materials can be made dynamic.


Social media advertising is cost-effective and used as part of a campaign and/or Always On media mix. 


Display advertising is planned as part of always-on advertising or as part of a larger campaign and purchased either programmatically and/or directly depending on the campaign’s budget, goals, target group and other choices.


Insight consists of reliable research and high-quality analysis.


Do you want fresh insights to challenge your media strategy? Our 360 media strategy creation starts purely from the goals of the business and the brand, as well as the understanding of your target group.

Market and target group research

With market and target group research, you get information about your brand’s awareness and drivers. 


Auditing gives you fact-based information about the current state of your brand and marketing investment.

Target group strategies

With the help of a target group strategy, you know which target groups have the most potential and how they relate to the different competitors in the category.


By measuring, we ensure the effectiveness of the campaigns and concept and their impact on the brand.

Measurement of the effectiveness of materials

90 % hakukoneliikenteestä tulee SEO:n kautta, mutta hakukonemainonta eli SEM myös tärkeää.


With the help of dashboards, you measure and visualize the cost versus impact ratio of your marketing efforts and monitor it in real time. 

Romi measuring

By defining and measuring all marketing investments and the development of sales, we also get to measure the true marketing return on investments, or ROMI.

Brand tracking

We carry out demanding brand awareness research quickly and with top quality. We measure and analyze the essential metrics of our own and competitors’ brands, such as Top-Of-Mind, consideration, purchase and loyalty.

Campaign metrics

In addition to brand awareness studies, you can also carry out campaign effectiveness studies through us.

Concept testing

Measuring the effectiveness of materials is an important part of ensuring media effectiveness.