Unleash your marketing team’s potential

The good thing about running marketing in-house is that it tends to be cost-efficient and it gives them better control over the brand. The downside is that ways of working are rarely challenged and campaigns are often run the same exact way every time. And when companies have marketing teams in multiple markets, their expertise and capabilities often don’t match. To put it simply, their ways of working aren’t aligned, which slows down their operations and leads to bureaucracy, not results.

We’ll train your team to perform better and give them the newest tools, tactics and tech they need to run killer marketing campaigns and executions.

Typical assessments

“Our marketing teams capabilities vary in different markets, how can we improve?”

“We need better skills in managing our own media activities.”

“We need training in a specific channel / tactic / marketing technology.”

“We need common ways of working across markets.”

A simple way to tackle complex challenges

  • Marketing planning training
  • Content planning training
  • Content marketing and SEO training
  • Marketing automation training
  • Social media advertising training
  • Programmatic advertising training
  • Google analytics and data studio training
  • KPI and measurement training

Getting results – fast

We worked with a customer to incorporate SEO into the company’s content marketing in multiple markets with three joint training sessions. And as the process was streamlined, we identified a need for a common content and SEO strategy to support the group overall targets. With our help, the team’s digital marketing capabilities were strengthened very quickly.

Within another customer we incorporated SEO into the company’s content marketing in seven markets with three joint training sessions. Common way to do SEO was found same time when processes got streamlined.

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