Commercial strategies

A playbook for growth

To understand what it takes to grow in the digitalized world, companies first need to understand the must-win battles, activities, competition, roadmaps, ecosystems, customer groups, loyalty programs and other elements it will take to get them there.

To do that, it’s essential to understand how a company works now, and what needs to improve in order for it to grow. We have extensive experience creating successful strategies and turning them into executable playbooks that lead companies to more efficient work, growth and profit.

Typical assessments

“We need to understand our digital possibilities for a new or existing product.”

“Our total media spend and burn rate is high. How can we optimized them?”

“We have a new product and we need to create a go-to-market plan for it quickly.”

“We’re crafting our three- year strategy and need to clarify our vision and understand our must-win battles.”

A simple way to tackle complex challenges

  • 3-7 workshops facilitated by NØRR3 and specialists
  • Key stakeholders or entire company participated and/or interviewed
  • Market analysis done on agreed topics
  • Growth/savings scenarios calculated
  • Creation of an executable playbook and tangible roadmap

Getting results – fast

We created the new Edenred Lounari brand and a very successful campaign around it. Edenred doubled its top-of-mind position among B2B leaders in just 6 weeks.

To help our another customer to achieve its go-to-market plan and capture significant share of a 1 billion euro business, we created and executed a marketing and growth plan in just three months using our All Hands Framework.

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