Dashboards and analytics

Take control with dashboards

A big part of data-driven marketing is understanding analytics and comparing the right figures. We tackle all kinds of data-related challenges for our customers – anything from understanding converting topics to touchpoint conversions and analyzing online reputation. Our analytics offering is based on a deep understanding of the business impact of marketing actions and the creation of automated dashboards to optimize your marketing activities.  

Typical assessments

“We have several dashboard views, but no consistent way of reviewing them.”

“Our data is scattered around in different data storages – we need to build a coherent way to analyze them.”

“Our dashboards’ data flow tends to break, can you help?”

“Our management board wants to see trends and the results of our actions, can you help?”

A simple way to tackle complex challenges

  • DMP (Data Management Platform) setup
  • CDP (Customer Data platform) setup
  • Dashboard consultancy 
  • Integration implementations
  • Outsourced ongoing analytics  
  • Automated reporting 

Getting results – fast

We create custom, real-time dashboards that give our customers a clear view of their marketing activities across the board. We’ve helped countless companies take control of their marketing efforts and get better results. One example is a campaign dashboard we created for over 1,000 real estate agents to visualize a campaign’s impact on leads in real time.