Maximize your return on marketing

Get a complete and accurate picture of your marketing spend, results and ROMI with our marketing attribution platform. We’ll analyze every touch, channel, campaign, keyword and creative campaign asset along the customer journey to come up with the actionable insights you need to maximize return on marketing.

Our attribution modeling looks at how your total media mix is performing and identifies the relationship between different medias and customer activities. The result? A clear and precise picture that makes it easy for you to plan your budgets, fix performance issues and maximize your return on marketing.

Typical assessments

“Can you track our media mix performance as total and channel specific investments?”

“We’d like to track the relationship between TV ads and other medias.”

“Can you track and predict needed improvements to make to our media spend in order to improve our CPA?”

“We’d like to track which customers from our CRM are the most reactive to our current campaigns.”

A simple way to tackle complex challenges

  • Media plan target-setting, assessment and optimization
  • Set up of attribution platform and necessary data sources
  • Set up of dashboard and calibrating data
  • Running, analyzing and optimizing campaigns

Getting results – fast

Attribution typically increases ROMI by over 25%. Our marketing attribution platform has already given numerous companies a real-time view of how their channels are performing. And that’s allowed us to make channel-specific recommendations on how to optimize, prioritize, fix whatever’s not working and maximize their return on marketing. 

Results include a 50% decrease in media spend for some channels, the quick elimination of static, underperforming channels, and the ability to directly link ATL media (TV, radio, print, OOH, DOOH) to results.

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