Content A/B testing

Think big, test bigger

A/B testing is a given for modern marketers and agencies. But without a solid strategy, testing individual assets in separate channels gives results that are skewed at best. In addition to testing tactical assets in different channels in the funnel, we think it’s important to big test big ideas. For example testing two totally different concepts in two different cities is likely to provide much deeper and more valuable insights than testing which CTA button works better on your banner ad.

We’ll create a bold testing strategy that gives you the freedom to go with your gut while backing up the results with hard data.

Typical assessments

“We spend a lot of time and money on visual material, but we’re not sure about the return on our investment.”

“We’re unsure about the effectiveness of our concept(s).”

“We’d like to test a concept before doing a big launch.”

A simple way to tackle complex challenges

  • Test strategy creation
  • Multi-channel test plan
  • A/B testing in paid media
  • A/B testing in own media
  • Big testing (e.g concepts, different cities and markets)

Getting results – fast

We tested a few different concepts for one of our customers and won 1.5 more sign-ups after the winning concept was implemented on the company’s website and in banners. We’ve also tested two different OOH concepts in two major cities to learn which one worked best. Through testing, we also doubled the healthcare company Pihlajalinna’s CTR (click-through rate) in four weeks. And we’ve continuously increased CTR and lowered CPA (cost per action) for our customer 02 Taksi.

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