Tactical concepts

Crafting stories that convert

Great brand stories are told every day, but the best ones continue all the way through to where the magic happens: sales. We’ll use our insight and experience to create a tactical concept to generate leads and sales, identify the most effective channels, and help you optimize your media mix and conversion. But we don’t just rely on our past experience, we use multi-variant testing to let the data speak for itself. The best results happen when we work with great brands to create a great tactical concept and campaign from the very beginning.

Typical assessments

“How can we maximize the effect of our brand campaign through tactical execution?”

“What kind of tactical concept is best suited to this product launch?”

“What’s the best media mix for this campaign to reach these target groups?”    

“What kind of target groups should we target and how can we maximize conversion?” 

“How do we optimize CPC, CPL and CPA for this campaign?”

A simple way to tackle complex challenges

  • Tactical playbook and brand concept creation
  • Analysis of current customer base
  • Planning of target groups
  • Media mix planning
  • Tactical flow hypotheses and testing
  • Multi-variant testing in campaigning
  • Real-time reporting
  • Number crunching before, during and after the campaign

Results from our latest work

We created an ongoing customer acquisition campaigning for a transportation company that led to consistently lower CPA. We also got great results by optimizing their media mix.

We got 35K people to vote for Edenred as the best lunch restaurant in Finland in just six weeks.

We ran an automated reseller activation campaign for 300 real estate resellers that got  excellent customer and reseller feedback.

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