Loyalty program audits

Strengthening loyalty

Successful loyalty marketing today takes a clear vision, content that converts, and a solid working process – all of which need to be constantly measured. And when you add personalization and different customer segments to the mix, it gets even more challenging.

Digital platforms often have multiple loyalty-programs that often overlap over time. We can help strengthen and streamline loyalty marketing by auditing existing programs and creating a roadmap towards achieving set goals.

Typical assessments

“We’re struggling to set up several marketing automation campaigns.”

“What metrics should we review monthly and what kind of data-driven marketing actions should we take?”

“Our marketing automation programs aren’t getting results, what should we do?”

“How can we extend the reach of our digital loyalty concepts to cover all touchpoints, including physical?”

Our simplified way to tackle the challenge

  • Loyalty-program reviews
  • Loyalty concept audits 
  • Marketing automation ecosystem audits
  • Platform comparison audits
  • Metrics workshop for data-driven marketing
  • Loyalty concept creation
  • Analysis of customer base to give recommendations of best segmentation and activities 

Getting results – fast

We’ve helped numerous customers review their marketing permit process and drastically improve their marketing permit rates. We’ve also created successful loyalty programs for multiple customers and workshopped with them to identity profitable new business opportunities within their own existing customer base.

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