Commercial Developer

Helsinki, Full time
Job opening

Our fast growing strategic marketing & sales agency NØRR3 needs You to strenghten our skills to offer game-changing commercial rocket science for our customers.

Our mission is to help our customers grow in a fully digitalised future. Whatever that will take.

We strongly believe that the market is missing a great strategic agency with combined ability to see and build the big picture as well as execute and optimize fast. We also believe that Happy People do better business, so people and organizations are playing a big part in our work. 

We are looking for the best talent to join our growing, self-driven and happy team. Please find more details below about the skill-set that we wish for. For us, finding the right personality is even more important. We value transparency, good relationships and clarity in everything we do. The companies of tomorrow are built on sustainable and solid partnerships where the people are the core of the business. 

We work with digital marketing and sales from a strategic and business perspective. Our approach is based on end-to-end strategic services, in which media plans and channel tactics are tactical outcomes, not strategies. We believe in customer-centric decision making, audience management and customer life cycle optimization, and we continuously challenge ourselves and our customers to understand the customer of tomorrow better. 

Why are there no business cases or growth maps ever made for spending 10–20 % of your revenues for marketing and sales? We have had hard time understanding this and are designed to fix it – permanently.

What do we expect from you?

Job Description for our new Commercial Developer:

Commercial Developer  is responsible for integrating marketing and sales software into designed architecture and setting up tools, workflows, campaigns and analytics according to plans agreed with customers. We work a lot with programmatic advertising, marketing automation, search optimization, websites, lead generation and data and so hands-on technical skills are essential to be successful in this job. We are looking for an individual contributor who can work seamlessly integrated with different kind of people and occasions.

In this role you will:

– Setup marketing and sales ecosystems;
– Setup and integrate marketing and sales tools + data sources;
– Develop websites, landing pages, content templates, analytics and marketing & sales flows into tools;
– Design and build data studios;
– Design, present and implement architectures you have created;
– Perform digital marketing and sales ecosystem audits;
– Communicate professionally with clients;
– Ensure implementation of best practice guidelines and follow company processes;
– Be a team player that is also comfortable working independently;
– Be interested in developing personal skills and teach others;
– Have ability or interest to build and lead teams;
– Be forward-thinking individual with the ability to come up with ideas developing our commercial rocket science initiative. 

The skills/qualifications we are looking for:

– Minimum of 3 years of  experience from similar field;
– Comprehensive experience on integrations, website building, analytics, marketing automation tools and digital marketing and sales;
– Strategic mindset;
– Good  English language skills + Finnish being a great plus.

The job will start whenever you are ready to jump in.

More information from: Antti Ujainen, +358 46 8100 118, [email protected]

NØRR3 – Commercial Rocket Science from the North.