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Launching the Noli Studios concept

Noli Studios is a unique living concept launched in Finland and operated by frontrunner development company Nordic Real Estate Partners NREP. Noli Studios is a collection of serviced studios for home-seekers and travelers looking for more. The concept offers its guests the comforts of home and the amenities of a hotel plus neighbors to socialize with. 

We want to share the learnings when several partners – customer NREP, marketing agency Norr3 and our sister and design agency Kallan & co – worked together on a tight schedule launching one of the most interesting concepts in the Nordics. How was the concept launch done, how cooperation worked and most importantly, what did we learn?

Noli Studios offers flexibly booked homes – studios – with services and spaces for working, socializing and recharging under one roof. Noli Studios responds to the ever-growing trend: job is done more often in short projects, the need for business space for companies are flexible and freelance work is increasing. In addition, the number of project specialists coming from other countries to Finland is increasing. Companies need to find temporary accommodation for these employees. This is where Noli Studios comes to play.

Noli Studios offers the comforts of home and the amenities of a hotel for a very competitive price.

Noli Studios is developed by the real estate developer NREP. “Noli Studios is our response for the changing living needs”, says Natalia Schrey, CCO of Noli Studios. “We give you the comforts of home and the amenities of a hotel for a very competitive price. Plus, you’ll get a sense of neighborhood with areas for socializing, working and relaxing.”

Noli Studios Sörnäinen

The first location will open in the autumn of 2019 at the premises of former Kesko headquarters in Katajanokka and the other in the Kansa House in Sörnäinen. Katajanokka will have 263 studios and Sörnäinen 197. Room reservation started on May 14th, 2019.

Noli Studios Katajanokka

What did we do?

The brand was created during 2018 by Kallan & Co and launched in the spring of 2019. The planning of marketing activities was started in January 2019 in cooperation with the commercial marketing team of NØRR3 and the design agency Kallan & Co.

The main target for the launch was to build awareness for the brand among the most important target group and to kick-start the sales by generating leads for Noli Katajanokka and Sörnäinen for the autumn 2019.

Kallan & Co was responsible for creating the brand identity of Noli Studios and visual material for the launch. NØRR3 was responsible for the campaign as a whole, with marketing automation, advertising and analytics.

As one of the key goals was to get the best possible visibility in the target group, marketing automation played a very important role. Focusing on optimizing the whole funnel and generating leads was key to get the most out of the paid activities, as the lead time for signing a contract can be very long. NØRR3 implemented a marketing automation tool, the lead generation models and automation work flows to collect all relevant leads to the sales team.

The need for services that the Noli Studios concept offers increases continuously. Noli Studios now has a good starting point with tested activities for a personalized marketing concept.

The learnings

We’d like to be really open with the project and share the learnings: “What went well and what needs improvement?” After every project and with Noli Studios we facilitated a retrospective workshop for the core team and partners. Retrospective is a really efficient way to really learn and improve the way of working and especially in Noli Studios case this was important as we were able to identify the pitfalls in ramping up a business from scratch with multiple partners. 

Retrospective is good way to evaluate, what went well and what needs improvement after the launch or even during the project.

When marketing a new concept, agility is a vital thing: Does the target group understand what the service is all about? Is our message understood? If yes, we are going to right direction, but if not, you need to act quickly and re-think the campaign. 

NØRR3 team was able to launch the campaign and work flows in a couple of hours from first contact. NREP was happy with the quick reaction time and support during the campaign and for extremely open and fast communication. Advertising and media budgets were quickly optimized based on the results.

What went well? “Quick reaction with the hurried launch” – “We reached a lot of people & targeted right audience”.

Urgency can have a whole other meaning when PR goes well. Due to great publicity in Helsingin Sanomat, the launch had to happen before even all testing was done for the automation flows. But we managed! The campaign and the marketing automation flows were launched 3 days before the original plan. 

Project management needed improvement – such a typical pitfall! Launch together with three partners requires good project management. The retrospective workshop helped us understand concretely, which phases require most partner management and comprehensive planning (and actually not so much about project management). We also realized that it is vital to define really clear roles and responsibilities in place at the beginning of the project. Also, a daily data-driven e-commerce view – dashboards – for all of the three partners should have been done.

The need for services the Noli Studios concept offers increases during the autumn 2019. Noli Studios now has a good starting point with tested activities for a personalized marketing concept. The results will be seen at the end of this year but the start looks very promising!