Case study

Lounari Edenred


Edenred customers didn’t associate the Lounasseteli brand with its owner Edenred. Edenred wanted to change this, so we designed and executed the new Edenred Lounari brand and ran a campaign that got great results!

I could not expect results like these. Brand and campaign was executed with extreme professionalism in tight schedule. Direct measurable linking from media to marketing to sales is something I really liked in working with NØRR3.

Peter Hiltunen, CEO / Edenred Finland Oy

Must Win Battles

We want customers to associate with LUNCH Edenred

We want customers to know we have the biggest affiliate network in Finland, with over 14,500 members

We want customers to know that they can pay for their lunches with multiple payment solutions, including credit cards, lunch vouchers and mobile phones


Edenred is the leading fringe benefit company in Finland, and they had two challenges:

First challenge: Most end-customers don’t associate Edrenred with lunch benefits (top-of-mind 13%) or with Lounasseteli (top-of-mind 82%). Most lunch voucher users also don’t know that Edenred owns the Lounasseteli brand.

Second challenge: Edenred has over 14,500 affiliate restaurants in their network, which is over 50% more than their competitors. This advantage needs to be communicated more clearly for Edenred to stay ahead of the competition.

Edenred approached NØRR3 and Kallan & Co to reband Lounasseteli and to create an awareness campaign that would allow them to take control of the 400 MEUR lunch-benefit business in Finland.

Solution: Finns like competitions and since there haven’t been any other restaurant competitions around lately, we decided to create a campaign concept around the “best lunch restaurant” idea. Since Edenred has 14,500 affiliates, we also wanted to encourage them to share our competition page in order to both drive traffic and give them a way to boost their position in the best lunch restaurant competition.

Since end-customers didn’t associate Lounasseteli with Edenred and tended to use “Lounari” as their blanket term for Lounasseteli, we wanted to create a brand that’s simple, approachable, and clearly associates “Ruokaetu” and “Lounasseteli” with Edenred. And with that, the new Edenred Lounari brand was born.


We sent Edenred’s 14,500 affiliate restaurants new window stickers and signing-boards for their cash registers, which turned out to be a very efficient distribution channel for the new brand.

In addition to affiliates’ organic traffic, we boosted marketing in selected media for a six-week period. Radio (Aamulypsy + normal commercial radio), programmatic display and Facebook were chosen for campaigning.

We felt that this kind of campaigning would perform best with a “moderator” tasked with amplifying the message. We set up a two-week radio promotion with Radio Suomipop and Aamulypsy and ran a week of heavy marketing on all of Sanoma’s radio channels, reaching 60% of the 25–54 year-olds in Finland. Programmatic display and social media were effectively used for digital marketing and remarketing to gain the target audience’s attention. These media choices we were aimed at hitting the target audience an average of 15-20 times during the campaign. Three prizes were up for grabs in the competition in 10 major cities, which significantly boosted voting activity.


We assumed the results would be pretty good, but we never anticipated such astonishing numbers!


Brand research was carried out before and after the campaign, and every single measurement showed significant growth after the campaign. However the biggest and most surprising results were that we managed to double the number of people who saw the Edenred Lounari and Edenred lunch benefit (Edenred Lounari) ads, also doubling top-of-mind among decision makers.


10,000 people were expected to cast votes for the best lunch restaurant in Finland, but the actual number ended up being 
37,000 , which means we exceed expectations by 270%.

8 000+

During the 6-week campaign period, over 8,000 people shared the campaign site through the affiliate restaurants. Edenred Finland Facebook followers were also doubled during the campaign period.