Case study

02 Taksi


02 Taksi has captured a significant share of the taxi booking market since 2018. We’ve helped 02 Taksi drive their business with the creation and execution of a go-to-market -plan with various activity streams. Read about the case, watch the video, and let's talk!

Must Win Battles

Create a great go-to-market marketing plan with efficient media mix

Launch channel-specific execution and integrate assets into a coherent marketing ecosystem

Execute, measure and optimize ongoing marketing activities to capture market share and beat the competition


The taxi business in Finland was liberated in 2018, which caused a bit of chaos. Customers didn’t know which taxi company to trust, what taxi to take etc. Finland’s taxi business is around 1 billion euros, with around 12,500 taxis in operation. 020202 Palvelut Oy saw a business opportunity here in 2018 and founded the nationwide 02 Taksi booking service.

In 2019, 02 Taksi wanted to extend their coverage and got a significant market share of taxi bookings in Finland. NØRR3’s sister company Kallan & Co was asked to design and lead the creation process of a new 02 Taksi app, which made it easy for customers to compare fares and book taxis for free. The 020230 service number still remained as the main booking channel via calls.

When the app was done, NØRR3 was asked to create an effective go-to-market marketing plan. The idea was to start by testing reactions and media choices in Tampere and Turku in late 2019 and then launch in the rest of Finland in early 2020. NØRR3 was also asked to create all tactical materials and set up marketing execution operations, with measurement capabilities in all main channels.

The Disruption® Company TBWA was responsible for the brand concept.


We broke the task down and started with identifying market insights from customers and the market itself. We then created a hypothesis about how bookings and downloads would develop through different medias and activities. The activities were divided in five groups; brand, PR and owned media, ATL (above the line), BTL (below the line) and search. Tests in Tampere and Turku were performed and closely measured. BTL was only used in Turku, while ATL and BTL were used in Tampere.

Based on the results, we started to craft a go-to-market plan for the launch of the service on a national level. All angles were explored, user data was closely analyzed, and target groups were defined. Based on this, TBWA created a new concept while we designed a new state-of-the-art media and marketing execution setup with advanced conversion funnels and marketing attribution models. 

The budget for the national launch was calculated again and again, as we wanted to find the best possible combination of medias. Numerous tests were done to develop our CPA (cost per action) levels further.

We ran weekly internal and all-hands meetings to agree on the main tasks and must-win-battles for each week. This plus our the all-hands Slack channel (with six partners) proved to be an effective way to lead development and operations.  

From the martech point of view, this gave us  excellent visibility into individual channels and an attributed view of the whole media mix.


The initial go-to-market plan was developed in two weeks and implemented so that in two months we were sure what media mix worked best and how to extend marketing to whole Finland.

We have been able to find right media mix for transportation business which drives both loyalty and downloads. In BTL (digital channels) medias we have been able to decrease our media spend through optimization and algorithms all the time to world-class levels. We have been able to find power from certain ATL-medias that no one believed they could work.

We have been able to develop excellent visibility into individual channels as well as attributed view for the whole media mix.

Above all customer has been able to gain sustainable and good growth and is now ready to accelerate even more to take over finnish taxi business.

This case is extremely good example why business should go hand-in-hand with marketing.