NØRR3 office warming party

On January 31st 2020 our office in Mestaritalo turned into a 1920’s themed speakeasy. We were extremely happy to welcome more than 100 guests to our office to get more familiar with us and what we do.

NØRR3 was founded early in 2019. Soon we realised that we are actually growing quite nicely and faaaast, and we were in a sudden need of new headquarters. Our new home was found: The beautiful building of Mestaritalo in Punavuori, Helsinki. Moving in early August with a couple of screens and plants was easy.

We were happy to welcome new colleagues and customers to the new office from day 1, but decided that our new nest deserves a proper celebration.

We set the date for our office warming party to be January 31st, agreed on the theme and sent out the invitations. We had no idea how many people would actually be interested to join us, and were eventually very pleasantly surprised to welcome around a 100 guests to our 1920’s themed speakeasy.

The night was filled with laughter, music, good food, yummy cocktails, fun games and friends old and new! Thank you everyone who participated, for creating the lovely atmosphere with us.

We want to thank Share Catering for bringing amazing food and positive personnel to our event, VIP bartenders for the tasty drinks and delightful tricks, Helsingin Viihdepelit for the gaming corner, Concierge Finland, DJ Jussi Mukkala for setting the mood, Sudhanshu Verma for the photos, and of course every guest who came to share all the fun with us.

Can’t wait for the next party!