Meet Dina

We scouted Dina already in the spring 2019. We strongly believe that gathering the best personalities and experts under the same roof, only the sky is the limit for what we can achieve with our customers. We can definitely agree, that’s the case with Dina.

We are extremely thankful for having Dina in our team! She thinks fast, acts accordingly and is a lovely colleague. She also kicks our asses in weightlifting at our weekly company workout session.

Dina is a true digital senior with background in online advertising. Ask her anything related to advanced social media tactics, programmatic advertising or “I have a tight budget, niche segment and a great business potential, how should I test my audiences” – she has the answer (or often multiple hypothesis) for you in minutes.

Contact Dina for help with ideation and brainstorming on any online advertising related case.

[email protected]
+358 50 337 9719