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Press release 17.8.2020: NØRR3 tappamaan suomalaisten kuntovelkaa yhdessä Foreverin kanssa

NØRR3 ja Forever Liikuntakeskukset ovat solmineet strategisen yhteistyösopimuksen, jonka päätavoitteena on saattaa suomalaiset nopeasti eroon Koronan aiheuttamasta kuntovelasta.

Happy People

Meet Joni

We are extremely happy and proud to announce our newest team member, Joni Ulma. Since day one Joni has proven to be an incredible team player with such great insight to bring to any customer case or internal way of working process. You can tell from Joni´s pace that he has a solid background in […]

Growth through mathematics

Step-by-step process for marketeers now and post-Coronavirus

According to Nielsen´s study, life will continue as normal post-Coronavirus, but with new shopping habits in e-commerce and hygiene practices. These difficult times will hopefully teach us marketeers that less is more: spending less (either by having less employees as the amount of brick and mortar stores will decrease or because you simply have less […]

NØRR3 Speakeasey
Happy People

NØRR3 office warming party

On January 31st 2020 our office in Mestaritalo turned into a 1920’s themed speakeasy. We were extremely happy to welcome more than 100 guests to our office to get more familiar with us and what we do. NØRR3 was founded early in 2019. Soon we realised that we are actually growing quite nicely and faaaast, […]

Happy People

Meet Ilkka

What can you say? When you look for the best talent and personality and manage to find a perfect match, you know it´s going to be a success! We got Ilkka onboard early January 2020 and with his 15+ years of experience in marketing automation and communications, we now have an experienced team of senior […]

Happy People

Miten rääkki liittyy NØRR3 työhyvinvointiin?

Aikaisia aamuherätyksiä, vapaaehtoista itsensä rääkkäämistä ja vapisevia jäseniä. Miten tämä kaikki liittyy NØRR3 työhyvinvointiin? Ja vieläpä koukuttavalla tavalla.

Elina Rossi
Happy People

Meet Elina

Elina joined us in August 2019 and has already claimed her spot in the team. We couldn’t be happier for getting Elina onboard! Her calmness and preciseness brings balance and big thinking to our team. She has an background in sales and online advertising. Together with her ability to focus and communicate the right next […]

Anne-Mari Raatikainen
Happy People

Meet Anne-Mari

Anne-Mari is the most positive and happy colleague you can get! She joined us in May 2019 carrying the best skill-set in creative content ideation and creation a modern marketing and sales team can wish for. We are truly happy for having Anne-Mari being a part of our team. She is fast, precise and straight-forward […]

Happy People

Meet Miia

Miia has been with us from the very beginning, she has a background in market and brand research as well as performance marketing. She is a true senior digital native with an incredible clear sight for overall media planning, large budget allocation against business targets and numerical preciseness. We are honored and happy to have […]


3 tärkeää syytä uuden NØRR3-toimistomme peruskiven muuraukselle

6.9.2019 Strateginen myynnin ja markkinoinnin toimisto NØRR3 perustettiin puoli vuotta sitten parantamaan erityisesti suomalaisten yritysten kilpailukykyä kotimaassamme ja maailmalla. Fokuksessamme ovat seuraavat kolme tukipilariamme: 1. Strateginen selkeys Suomalaisilla yrityksillä on edelleen paljon kasvupotentiaalia – erityisesti myynnin ja markkinoinnin parissa tai nämä synkronoimalla. Työ vaatii selkeän ja jalkautuskelpoisen strategian ja siihen taas vaaditaan muun muassa hyvä […]